The Fat Burning Benefits of Yohimbine

yohimbine and weight loss

As a dietitian, you can imagine the eye rolling that incurs every time someone asks me my opinion on fat burners and the new weight loss supplement they just bought because they saw some hot chick swear by it on Tiktok.

However, that doesn’t mean that there are zero supplements or compounds out there that actually work when it comes to fat loss. Yohimbine is one of those supplements.

But how effective is it? How should you take it and is it safe? Well, have a seat. Let’s talk.

What is Yohimbine and How Does It Work?

Yohimbine is a substance that is is naturally found in African plants and the bark of the yohimbine tree. The way that it works in the body is by stimulating the adrenal glands which is the part of your body that gives you an “adrenaline rush” by releasing certain chemicals. When these chemicals are released, they can bind to your fat cells and stimulate fat burning.

Several studies show that yohimbine is indeed effective at causing fat loss. What’s really awesome about it is that it binds to the receptors in your “stubborn fat” areas. You see, in fat cells, there are both alpha and beta receptors. You’ll typically find more alpha receptors in your lower tummy, butt and thighs. Otherwise known as your “trouble spots” that are damn hard to lose by diet and exercise alone.

Pretty cool, right?

There is also some evidence that yohimbine has an ergogenic effect on exercise performance by extending the time to fatigue. This is particularly significant because, if you’re cutting or shooting for fat loss, you should be in a calorie deficit or eating less than you are burning. And when you are in a calorie deficit and eating less, you tend to fatigue faster during exercise. Luckily, yohimbine can help with that.

How Should You Take Yohimbine?

The studies done that have shown yohimbine to be effective seem to show that the amount to take in order to be effective is about 0.2mg/kg body weight. If you want maximum results, you should take it in combination with a robust workout regimen as it increases the binding to the receptors of your stubborn fat that I mentioned earlier.