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Frustrated by your efforts to put on muscle or shred fat with no results?

Tried multiple approaches,

but each time you end up right back where you started?

You want to join me in The Athlete's Method program. 

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An online course with digital resources that takes you by the hand and walks you through the simple science of how to tailor your nutrition and training to achieve a successful bulk and cut cycle, so you can stop wasting time in the gym and start losing the fat you want and gaining the muscle you need.



I'm Destini

A sports nutrition expert with 10 years of experience in the fitness industry

I've seen it all. And I'm gonna say it. The fitness industry is full of scammers and liars looking to make a quick buck by preying off of people's insecurities and hunger for knowledge to change their bodies. That's why I created The Athlete's Method. I saw that the industry needed a nutrition expert to tell the public the truth. I took my years of working in commercial gyms, the MLB, NBA and Division I college athletes, and packed everything I learned about building muscle and cutting fat into this course. I've also included recipes, meal plans, training programs and more to help you succeed. With The Athlete's Method, you can turn my years of experience into just hours of learning for you. 

What You'll Learn


Your Instructor Has Worked With

How to calculate YOUR OWN macros! No more overpaying influencers to take your money, spit out numbers and leave you high and dry

The common mistakes, outdated science and myths surrounding how to eat to build muscle and lose fat that have been holding you back...and what to do instead

What to expect during a bulking or cutting cycle and exactly how and what you should be eating and training to get from where you are to where you want to be

How to track your progress without expensive equipment and guidelines on exactly what you should do to break through those frustrating plateaus

I'll be with you every step of the way!


The Athlete's Method?

Stop wasting money on supplements, diet books, cleanses and "6-pack challenges" just to end up back where you started.

Invest in a program that works. Using the same principles and secrets I use with professional and elite athletes. 

Unlike other training programs, the course format not only teaches you WHAT to do, but also HOW to do it, complete with resources you'll need to succeed including meal plans, recipes and training programs.

All led by an experienced, credentialed instructor.

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What you get:

The Athlete's Method Course which includes:

The Basics of Bulking Module

(7 Lessons)

The Cut Like a Champ Module

(6 Lessons)

The Supplemental Module

(1 Lesson)

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What you get:

Everything in the Athlete's Method Course plus:

1 Muscle Gain Recipe Book

1 Fat Loss Recipe Book

2 Sample Meal Plans

What you get:

Everything in the Athlete's Method Course plus:

1 Muscle Gain Recipe Book

1 Fat Loss Recipe Book

2 Sample Meal Plans

1 - 7-Day Bulking Training Program

1 - 7-Day Cutting Training Program







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See you in class!