No, More Muscle Doesn't Give You a Crazy Fast Metabolism

gaining muscle faster metabolism

“Gain more muscle to ramp up your metabolism!”

“You burn a TON of calories without even doing anything!”

“Your RMR could increase by 500 calories by just gaining only 10 pounds of muscle!”

How many of you have heard these phrases or something similar?

It’s all a big ol' load of BS.

I have no idea where this myth originated, but after doing some digging it seems that even fitness magazines and health “gurus” didn’t start this stupid rumor, they sure seem to be perpetuating it.

But let’s entertain this being true for just a moment. One pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. That means that if you can really burn 500 calories AT REST from gaining 10 pounds of muscle, you would stand to lose a pound of fat every week.

Without. Making. Any other. Diet or exercise. Changes.

A very attractive and marketable concept to money-hungry fitness gurus, but completely asinine to anyone with common sense.

Furthermore, as a sports dietitian, if I had a freshman athlete who was burning that many calories when he began his college-level training and started packing on muscle, I would be beside myself (and stressing about my food budget) trying to keep weight on them if they were burning that much at rest plus whatever they burned during their practices and weight training.