Can Eating While Distracted Cause Weight Gain?

Gain weight eating at work eating while driving

Do you ever think about how many of your meals you eat while distracted? Seriously think about it.

Think about how often you just have to have something on the TV while you eat.

How many times have you found yourself with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand occupied by the sandwich or burrito you just grabbed from Panera or Chipotle?

Or the fact that you never get formal lunch breaks and end up chowing on takeout or even digging into your healthy meal prep over a keyboard with a phone pressed between your ear and shoulder?

*raises hand shyly*

I mean, we’re busy people! At least I know I am. But, has it ever crossed your mind that this habit could lead to some overeating and weight gain, especially for those eating to lose fat?

Well, a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology says that it could do just that.

Researchers asked 60 adult females who were either dieters or non-dieters. They gave women from both groups a cereal bar to eat under three different conditions. The first group was asked to watch a five-minute clip of Friends while eating.

I'd prefer The Big Bang Theory, but, hey, they didn't ask me.

The second group was asked to take a walk while eating, and the third group was simply asked to sit and have a conversation with a friend while eating.

After the experiment, participants were given more snacks, including chocolate, carrot sticks, grapes and chips in order to measure how much they ate. Out of all the women, those who were both the dieters and walkers ate more snacks than the other two groups (the “Friends” and conversation group).

Specifically, the walking group ate five times more chocolate.

This brought the conclusion that eating while on the go, name