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7 Ways to Keep Moving in the Office

Any office people here?

Shout out to the 9-5ers who still have the energy and motivation to crush it in the gym after you get off. It’s so much easier said than done!

That said, if you work an office job, you are probably (or should be) aware that sitting for too long is bad for your health.

And remember, take into account you probably aren’t just sitting at work. You’re sitting in your car or on the subway on the way to work, sitting when you’re eating dinner after the gym or when you’re playing video games and binging Netflix. Now add those hours up.

It’s worse than you thought, right?

Studies have shown that sitting for too many hours in the day increases the risk of early death, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer and depression. If you are an active person, it increases your risk of injury during exercise also due to muscular tightness and imbalances.

Outside of intentional exercise, like that stuff you’re crushing in the gym, everyone should be active for at least half an hour every day. But how can you keep your body moving when your work requires you to be stuck in the stupid office?

You just have to get creative.

Here are six creative, but simple ways to keep your cute butt moving in the office:


1. Take Walking Meetings

If you need to hold a staff meeting with one or a couple of co-workers, consider taking the meeting outdoors (weather permitting, of course).

Not only can the informal environment make the meeting more fun, but you can take a break from the stuffy office to get some fresh air while also being productive.

2. Walk to get your lunch or coffee.

Instead of having your food delivered or taking a quick bus, go out on foot! Your body will love you for that extra movement and giving your mind a break from your desk may do the rest of your day some good.

If you bring your meal prep (and oh, I hope you do) find a place outdoors to take it for your break.

3. Take a detour to the bathroom.

When nature calls, take the few extra minutes to use a bathroom that’s the farthest from your desk or even take the stairs to one on another level.

4. Take your calls on foot.

Time for you to make a confession.

When you’re sitting on a conference call... with the phone on mute... all you’re doing is scrolling through Instagram or spinning around in your chair until you hear someone say your name.

It’s okay. You can tell me.

If this is you, take advantage! Unless you need to be by your computer or you have a desk phone, a better use of your time would be to pace around the office or take a walk while you’re on a call.

5. Skip the email and opt for a face-to-face.

We’ve all had those days (for some it’s judgement) where we just don’t have the energy to go alllllll the way to the next cubicle or office to deliver a message to a colleague.

So, we settle for sending an email. Every once in a while (I mean, who am I to say you’re not allowed to have lazy days), consider getting up out of your chair to say what you need to say in person

It can also help your relationship with your co-workers!

6. Park as far as you can.

Whether it’s parking your car on the floor at the very top or picking the space in the very back, forcing yourself to walk to the office a longer distance is an ingenious way to get in a ton of steps before your day even begins and right after it’s over.

7. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

We ALL know about it and ALL think about it

But do you ever do it?

Probably nah.

So of course, it needed an honorable mention here!

The bottom line? Making these small changes one at a time can turn them into habits that could make a big difference in your fitness, health and even your longevity. You can't really help that you work a desk job, but you can help how to choose to stay active despite it. If any of these ideas sound doable to you, jot them down on a post it and stick it up in your workstation. A little bit can go a long way for health and fitness!


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