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Hey there!

I'm Destini

I’m a registered dietitian, board certified specialist in sports nutrition and personal trainer who wants to help others blast through all of the conflicting messages in the fitness industry and discover the simple solutions to meeting your goals. 


When I finished my supervised practice, I passed my personal training exam and was just itching to get out there and to start training clients with my shiny new nutrition knowledge. Imagine my disappointment when I found out no one wanted to listen to a dietitian. I (very soon) discovered that there was a large disconnect between gymlore and science....but everyone was following the gymlore. 


That’s why the people you see in the gym that are there day after day, killing themselves with exercises that don’t make gains and chugging down supplements that don’t work, look exactly the same as they did 6 months ago.


So I made this resource to bring in all of the knowledge I've gained from working with professional and college athletes to help others who feel like they're putting in all of the work, but still running place.


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